KUFS Latin America Research Center Lectures(2018)




temporary transate (English)

“KUFS Latin America Research Center Lectures”
07Dec(Fri. 15:40-17:20)-08Dec(Sat. 13:30-16:30)
at KUFS International Exchange Building 4F Meeting room

07Dec(Fri.) 15:40-17:20

15:50- Carvalho “Indio educations now and issues in Latin America”
16:20- Valls “”
16:50- Ito, Akihito “From foreigners to domestic immigrants –Labors transition in State of Sao Paulo at 1930’s–”

08Dec(Sat.) 13:30-16:30
13:30- Okoshi “”
14:00- Minami “”
14:30- Tateiwa “”
15:20- Sumida, Ikunori “Old city Rio’s centering at Anterctic System and historical perspective for space imagination”
15:50- Ushijima “”

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